TIMING SHACK is your partner for data management, timing and scoring services, we will tailor the solution to your event. We will take care of your participants registration. We will assist you with equipment rental, event supplies and training. We are available at anytime for consulting.


You have your own registration platform, you want to work with a registration platform partner or you want to use our registration platform: Get in touch with us prior to set up your registration forms, we will ensure you gather the right information to allow:

  • you have proper data to run your event campaign,
  • event scoring, with ability to create results and awards as you expect,
  • your medical team to support your participants safely on race day.


We offer multiple timing services tailored to your needs.

  • Live results can include start list, provisional and final results as well as award listings if required.
  • Leadeboard and Results made available in electronic or paper format.
  • Results accessible from mobile/tablet.
  • Team scoring, and Series point.

We time any road racing, track and field, rowing, triathlons, ski races, horse shows and many other types of specialized events.


Following the flow of finishers at the finish line, your announcers sound like pros when calling names and giving information.

Our announcer setup is comprise of an 'announcer timing line' and a tablet to display finisher names seconds before they cross the finish line.


Starting a new event? Trying to grow an existing event? Or maybe you are building a new facility… We can give you the advise you need to help you get ahead on your project.


You have a team in place (timing crew, registration team), but need a refresher on how to use the system, review rules, be prepared for the upcoming event, give us a call and we can organize a tailored training.


You are looking at your event crowd movement insight, being able to respond to government requirement regarding probable people proximity, or simply needing to know how many people reach specific areas in your venue per day, use our contact tracing solution.


Our printing and supplies partners can produce any style of bibs or race plates to match your needs and branding.

You are looking for some rental equipment (clocks, arch, timing devices...), feel free to contact us.


Post your event on our calendar, we will feature it on our calendar, and feature it on our pages.