TIMING SHACK uses state of the art timing technology, we use the appropriate hardware and software to ensure you receive the most accurate results as well as ease of use for your participants registration and results viewing.


Transponder timing systems uses active or passive technology. Pending of the specificities of the sport, speed requirement, we will help you choose the right option for your event.

With transponders, you will have the choice of reusable chip or tags behind the bib.

TIMING SHACK users Race|Result transponder systems.

Photocell Beam

You are looking for precision at high speed, timetrial or individual sport, using ALGE TIMING devices, we will cover your need and provide you with accuracy up to 1/10,000 seconds.

Photo-Finish Cam

Organanizing an Athletic, rowing or cycling event, line-scan camera might be the appropriate solution. We will work with you to decide the best approach.

Live Results

Subject to stable Internet access, we provide live results throughout the duration of the event. This service allows friends and family of competitors, both located at the event and located far away, to quickly discover competitor results.

Commentator Screen

A dedicated screen for your personnel announcing at your event. We retrieve live competitor information onto broadcaster screens that will help them tell the story of the race to the spectators.

Medical Information

To maximize the competitor safety during events, we can store competitor medical information (allergies, etc.) that is collected during event registration. If a competitor requires medical attention during an event, this information is available at all times in one location.