We provide the full range of timing services for ski racing and a variety of summer sports (running/triathlon/mountain biking/obstacle races, and more). We adapt to respond quickly, decisively and accurately to whatever timing and administrative needs a race organizer requires: race-timing; strategic support and trouble-shooting.

We know what it’s like to be a competitor, a race organizer and a race sponsor – during an event we empathize with and provide exemplary customer service to whomever we are interacting. We post fast, accurate and verifiable racing results on our website. We know how important this is for racers whose family members, friends & coaches are following along online

We strive to do everything we can to make race-timing unnoticeable. A successful race is an event that happens with no one talking about the timing.

Technical Services

Transponder Timing Systems

These timing systems, also called chip timing, are used for sporting events that have large numbers of entrants. We match the appropriate timing system to each type of race and venue. We provide accurate and reliable results no matter what type of system we use.

There are two main types of transponder timing systems: passive chip timing and active chip timing.

Passive chip timing systems are best for road & cross country running races, triathlons and cross country skiing races. Competitors wear a chip that only becomes activated when they pass a specific field that interacts with the chip. The chip, now activated by electromagnetic energy, transmits a unique signal confirm the the identity of the competitor and their time at that point. This technology is a cost effective way to provide results quickly during and after the race.

Active chip timing systems are best for mountain bike races, alpine skiing lap-count races, dog sledding – all sports which require more speed. Competitors wear a chip that is battery-powered and sends signals throughout races to various transponders throughout the race course. This technology provides accuracy to the 100th of a second.

Race organizers distribute and recover the chip timers from each competitor for reuse. For events of a large size, Timing Shack recommends races use disposable chips that are attached to a racing bib worn by each competitor. These chips are only used once and are not recovered after the race.

Photocell Timing Systems

Photocell timing systems are best for alpine ski races and downhill mountain bike races, as these sport have a limited number of competitors on a race course simultaneously. Photocells are placed at points throughout a course and at the finish. When competitors pass by these photocells, sensors collect and transmit timing data, providing accuracy to 1000th of a second. The competitors’ starting time is recorded by sensors located in a starting gate.

Commentator Screen

For commentators that are working on broadcast race events, we retrieve live competitor information onto broadcaster screens that will help them tell the story of the race to their audience.

Live Results

Subject to stable Internet access, we provide live results via timingshack.ca throughout the duration of the event. This service allows friends and family of competitors, both located at the event and located far away, to quickly discover competitor results.

Medical Information

To maximize the competitor safety during events, we can store competitor medical information (allergies, etc.) that is collected during event registration. If a competitor requires medical attention during an event, this information is available at all times in one location.


We work with trusted partners to provide disposable competitor bibs and event registration assistance when needed by race organizers.

Training Services

Do you, your staff and/or volunteers need to know more about race administration or race-timing? Let us know what your topics of interest are and we will develop a training program that will increase your team’s operational efficiency.

Support Services

Issues and/or questions with your race administration or your race-timing? Timing Shack provides remote support for your event, by email [info@timingshack.ca] or by phone [1-905-922-TIME (8463)]. Support services can be provided on an ad-hoc basis or on season-long subscription.